Useful Links

We hope you will find some links on this website useful. If you find any that are not on here, please share them with us!

The links below are helpful for both students and tutors to local libraries, online learning programs, and local agencies. These websites are designed to encourage our students to learn more and to give our tutors interesting teaching ideas.

If you find some on your own that are great, please let us know—or, if you find one here that is no longer available, please let us know that too. We want to keep our resources current and helpful to all.

We are here to support and help you. If you need any suggestions on how to further help your student; if you feel that he/she is not progressing as they should, let us know. We might be able to provide you with some ideas and materials that will be useful.

Student Testing

It is also important that your student be re-tested regularly so we can monitor progress and/or identify a problem. Please call our office to schedule an assessment if you haven’t recently.

Tutor Reports

Please understand that the reports we ask you to fill out are required by NYS Dept. of Education, and other funders. We cannot exist without your reports. 

Volunteer Report

You are changing the lives of adults and their children in the most profound and lasting way, for that, we cannot thank you enough.


Links to Online Resources

Newsela – Leveled reading on various topics

iSLCOLLECTIVE – Thousands of worksheets, searchable by level and topic.  Excellent resource for grammar-related material

EL Civics for ESL Students – Civics, government, life skills, and history lessons for English language learners

Center for Adult English Language Acquisition (CAELA) – Repository of research and resources on best practices to use in teaching and understanding the needs of the English Language Learner

Adult Education Tutor Support from Eastside Literacy – FAQs, tips, and usable resources from a fellow adult literacy organization in Washington State

SEN Teacher – Free teaching resources for students with special needs

Reading Skills – Reading skills for today’s adults, broken down by reading level.

HV Raen – Free classes to improve your skills, ask your coordinator which class would be most helpful to you!