Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Marist College

Student Center

This fun-filled annual event brings High School & College students, and adults of all ages together for a friendly competition that supports basic literacy instruction for adults and reading enrichment for children.

Golden Honey Bee $1,500

Featured in website, full page in program, certificate and a special banner displayed at the event.

Bronze Bee $1,000

Certificate and special website program listing.

Busy Bee $500

Website and program listing


All sponsors are featured on social media

Become a Bee Sponsor!

Spelling Bee sponsorships help Literacy Connections provide life-changing education to adults and reading enrichment programs for children.

Teams hold up a sign with the sponsor’s name each time they spell throughout the Bee.  Each team participates for a minimum of 10 rounds.


Gratitude in the Spotlight: Thanking Our Dedicated Sponsors for the 30th Annual Spelling Bee!

Golden Honey Bee – $1,500 sponsorship

Bronze Bee – $1,000 sponsorship

Busy Bee – $500 sponsorship

By taking part in the community Spelling Bee you will be directly supporting literacy programs for adults & children. The staff, volunteers & students at Literacy Connections sincerely thank you!