Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Marist College

Student Center

This fun-filled annual event brings High School & College students, and adults of all ages together for a friendly competition that supports basic literacy instruction for adults and reading enrichment for children.

Golden Honey Bee $1,500

Featured in website, full page in program, certificate and a special banner displayed at the event.

Bronze Bee $1,000

Certificate and special website program listing.

Busy Bee $500

Website and program listing


All sponsors are featured on social media

Become a Bee Sponsor!

Spelling Bee sponsorships help Literacy Connections provide life-changing education to adults and reading enrichment programs for children.

Teams hold up a sign with the sponsor’s name each time they spell throughout the Bee.  Each team participates for a minimum of 10 rounds.


Please use the name that you would like to appear in the program and all publicity.

Type Of Sponsorship


The Golden Honey Bee

Gives you the opportunity to sponsor 3 teams! Featured in Website, Full Page in Program, Certificate and special banner displayed at event.

The Bronze Bee

Gives you the opportunity to sponsor 2 teams. Certificate, and special Website and Program Listing.

The Busy Bee

Gives you the opportunity to sponsor 1 team. Website and Program Listing.

Check all that apply:


For more information please call Debra Paskowski at 845-452-8670, or email us at Spellingbee@literacyconnections.org.

Pay Online

Gratitude in the Spotlight: Thanking Our Dedicated Sponsors for the 30th Annual Spelling Bee!

Golden Honey Bee – $1,500 sponsorship

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Join us as we extend our sincerest gratitude to the esteemed past sponsors of the Bee!


We proudly acknowledge the invaluable support of these distinguished sponsors from 2023, whose unwavering commitment and generosity propelled us forward. Words cannot express the depth of our appreciation for your steadfast presence and unwavering support. Your contributions have been instrumental in our journey, and we extend our heartfelt thanks for standing by our side.

Golden Honey Bee – $1,500 sponsorship

Bronze Bee – $1,000 sponsorship

Busy Bee – $500 sponsorship

By taking part in the community Spelling Bee you will be directly supporting literacy programs for adults & children. The staff, volunteers & students at Literacy Connections sincerely thank you!