We are deeply saddened that the 29th Annual (2020) Community Spelling Bee has been cancelled.

Although we cannot host our usual Bee, we are happy to report that the “Bee A Reader” raffle did happen!  The winning tickets were drawn on Thursday, August 20, beginning at noon.  See the Bee A Reader page of this website for a list of the winners.

We eagerly look forward to a return to normalcy, and to the 2021 Community Spelling Bee.  See you on the other side!

Thank you to all who supported the 2020 Spelling Bee.  Check out the event program that we would have handed out, if only we could have held the Bee.

What is the BEE?

The Community Spelling BEE is a signature event held each spring in Dutchess County. It is supported by more than 60 businesses & organizations, and it is designed to bring people together to have fun for a good cause. The BEE directly supports literacy services for adults & children in our community.

How does it work?

Teams of two come together and spell. We use official Spelling Bee words and rules, but we have fun while doing it. No teams are eliminated in the regular rounds; scores are kept. The teams with the highest scores go to the final round. We have prizes and special awards. The event will run from 8:30 am until 12:30 pm and will include a welcoming coffee/tea and continental breakfast.

Where do spellers come from?

Spellers come from the community. Sponsors can send their own teams, or we will find a team to represent the sponsor. Teams are comprised of high school students, college students, and adults. Throughout the event every time a team spells, the sponsor name is announced, and is shown on a custom-made sign that the team holds up as they spell.

There are adults in our community who do not read well enough to get a job or to help their children in school. Literacy Connections provides free tutoring for adults by recruiting, training, and supporting volunteers. Our programs include individual and group tutoring, family literacy, and reading enrichment for children – all provided free of charge.

Fun with a Purpose!

The Annual Community Spelling Bee supports reading programs for adults and families throughout our service area. Our volunteers are helping people obtain a GED, become US Citizens, and get better jobs. They are reading to their children and helping them become better students. Success in literacy truly changes lives—we see this every day!