Basic Readers:  Adults who speak English

Tutor and student working together Literacy Connections’ core program is to provide one-to-one or small-group tutoring for adults who are functionally illiterate. The current definition of functional illiteracy is an adult who reads below a 6th grade reading level.

English Language Learners (ELL): Adults who do not read, write, or speak English

This program is for adults who are new speakers of English and are interested in improving their conversational speaking, listening, and reading skills. Students are welcome to join one of our Drop-In Centers where they will meet in small groups with others who are at the same level. Learning in a friendly setting, conversation groups are a great way to practice English. Whenever possible, students are matched with a tutor one-to-one. LC welcomes ELL students who have advanced degrees in their native language, along with those who are functionally illiterate in their native language.

Computer Aided Learning

Literacy Connections maintains a student lab with computer-friendly student software to enhance student learning. Basic computer skills are also taught to aid students to achieve personal goals.

Corrections Education

The Corrections Education program provide basic literacy and ELL tutoring to incarcerated individuals and persons transitioning post release into society. The program trains literate inmates in correctional facilities to tutor lower literacy level inmates. Trained inmate tutors are supported and learn job-related behaviors while tutoring – such as commitment, being on time, recognizing one’s own skills, and strengths. Community volunteers are also recruited and trained to provide educational services to post-released inmates in transitional institutions.

Project Forward – ELL Learning Centers

It takes great courage for an adult to approach strangers and say, “I cannot read” or, “I don’t understand English.” Adults feel humiliation and great shame. Yet, we see people do that here all the time. And so, it is heartbreaking to say, “there is a waiting list.” Sometimes the wait for a tutor is a very long one.

There are always more students than there are tutors. To address the growing needs of our community when it comes to learning, we have created Project Forward. Project Forward helps ELL students go forward by improving their English language skills and becoming engaged members of the community. Project Forward ELL Learning Centers are managed by our staff with volunteer assistance and are conveniently located in growing immigrant communities.

Many of our students come from Mexico, but others are from other parts of the world. Some are highly proficient in their native language, others struggling mightily with literacy even in their native language.

No matter where they are from, or what level they have achieved in their native land, our adult students are welcome to join our English Learning Centers. They will meet in small groups with others who are at the same level. Learning in a friendly setting, conversation groups are a great way to practice English — and to make new friends.

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