Student Achievements


If your student has achieved any of the following in the past month please select the relevant number on your monthly report. If they haven’t achieved any of the items on the list please select 0. Students are not expected to have an achievement each month, most students have an average of 3 achievements a year. If your student has achieved something that is not on this list please feel free to write it in the Other Achievements section of your monthly report.
6. Read a medication bottle.
7. Described symptoms of an illness.
31. Planned nutritious meals for a day.
34. Implemented an exercise routine.
38. Understood medical and dental forms.
65. Used appropriate health care facilities and services.
66. Identified practices that promote mental well-being.
4. Developed personal and/or family budget
19. Opened checking/savings account.
20. Complete loan/credit application.
21. Write checks.
55. Counted and used coins and currency.
69. Interpreted and paid bills.
5. Used recipes.
9. Understood directions for use of household appliances.
10. Read product label directions and safety warnings.
11. Compared price or quality to determine the best buys for goods and services.
13. Read and understood signs.
14. Identified or used different types of transportation in the community.
15. Used postal services.
18. Used the telephone and/or telephone book.
22. Filled out insurance forms.
23. Understand contracts (e.g. Lease)
32. Read and understood manuals.
33. Ordered from a restaurant or fast food menu.
37. Received a driver’s license
59. Wrote from dictation.
60. Arrived at appointments consistently and on time.
68. Read for religious activities.
72. Interpreted maps/transportation schedules or asked for directions.
17. Apply for unemployment.
29. Obtained a job
35. Demonstrated improved conversational skills in social/work settings.
36. Read and understood work-related information.
39. Improved current job status
42. Retained current job
45. Obtained license or certification.
48. Understood help wanted ads
54. Filled out job application/has language to interview for a job.
62. Completed work forms.
63. Communicated with peers, supervisors, and/or customers.
25. Registered to vote/voted in a primary or general election
26. Participate in a civic organization.
27. Applied for/received U.S. citizenship/legal immigrant status
28. Other Community.
41. Increased involvement in civic/community activities
43. Understood individuals’ legal rights and responsibilities and procedures for obtaining legal advice.
44. Used library and/or other information services
61. Answered questions about U.S. history/government.
67. Participated in neighborhood watch activities.
70. Completed U.S. citizenship class.
2. Communicated with teachers/school staff.
3. Attended parent/teacher conferences/school-related meetings
51. Registered children for school according to guidelines.
56. Volunteered in child’s school.
57. Helped children with homework.
1. Read to children regularly/increased literacy practices in the home
8. Wrote to family/friends.
12. Other Family & Home.
53. Conversed with family and friends in English.
16. Apply for public assistance.
24. Located and/or used community agencies or services.
40. Had reduction in receipt of public assistance
64. Selected appropriate housing.
30. Interacted one-to-one competently and/or participated as a member of a team.
46. Earned a secondary school diploma or achieved a GED certificate
47. Entered other training/educational program
49. Identified learning strengths and used to acquire new information or set up accommodations
50. Demonstrated basic computer skills & use of common software programs
52. Read or wrote poems, journals, books, stories, or novels.
58. Improved English literacy skills (speaking, reading, writing)
71. Improved basic literacy skills
73. Read aloud more fluently.
74. Complete homework assignments.