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Bastille Day

Great event at Cross Court for our first annual Bastille Day Tennis fundraiser! And delicious cake (and food) we had along with a wonderful night of tennis benefiting Literacy Connections. Thank you Valerie Wolf Gropper, Bobby and Rachel for a fabulous and fun evening.

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Impact of Low-Literacy

Did you know the impacts of Low Literacy? A high school drop out earns about $240,000 less than a graduate and pays about $60,000 less in taxes. The average 45 year-old high school dropout is in worse health than the average 65-year old high school graduate. High school dropouts have a life expectancy that is […]

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86 ways to say “Very Good!”

1. Good for you! 2. Superb 3. You did that very well. 4. You’ve got it made. 5. Terrific! 6. That’s not bad! 7. Couldn’t have done it better myself. 8. Marvelous! 9. You’re doing fine. 10. You’re really improving. 11. You’re on the right track now! 12. Now you’ve figured it out. 13. Outstanding! […]

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