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We have changed the names a little to protect privacy, but these are real people who have asked for our help, and who are waiting for a tutor:

Serena is a young mother who had to choose between finishing high school and staying home to care for her child. In choosing the latter, she has recently come to the realization that there are very few opportunities to someone without a high school diploma. Six years later, she has found the courage to start the journey of preparing to obtain her GED. She now has two children dependent on her to make a living and holds their future in her hands.

Lee an older gentleman from the South and claims it’s never too late to improve your skills. He was cheated out of his education when he needed to leave school in the 5th grade to help his father in the fields. His main goal is to be self sufficient in reading and writing and not dependent on his wife and children. His courage to apply for a tutor is commended. He’s waiting patiently for a tutor.

K.M. would like to work on his reading and comprehension. His goal is to read aloud at his Bible study class with confidence. KM drives, and has a somewhat flexible schedule.

A.S. had some schooling in Jamaica. He wants to read and write so he can better himself, and get involved in his children’s education. A.S. does not drive, works full time, and is available after 4pm.

H.E. is a low beginner ESL student who was born in Egypt where she received her BA degree in Pharmacology. She is not working now, as she cares for her young children. After improving her English, she would like to work towards obtaining her citizenship. H.E. does not drive, is available during the day from 9:30-2:30, and would prefer a female tutor.

M.A. is a young man from Jamaica, where he only had 2 years of schooling. He works part time as a deli chef, and wants to learn to read to improve his job. M.A. is available on Mondays (his day off) or evenings.

P.B. is a beginning ESL student. She attended school in Mexico through Middle School. She works nights at a fast food restaurant. Her goal is to be able to converse fluently in English to improve her job. P.B. has children in school, and is available during the day before 3pm.

D.D. was a student in our Wednesday Basic Reading Group until she got a job! She dearly wants another tutor so she can continue the progress she was making. D.D. does not drive, and is available after 5pm.

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