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We hope you will find some links on this web site that are useful to you. If you find any that are not on here, please share them with us!

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We are here to support and help you. If you need any suggestions on how to further help your student; if you feel that he/she is not progressing as they should, let us know. We might be able to provide you with some ideas and materials that will be useful.

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It is also important that your student be re-tested regularly so we can monitor progress, or identify a problem. Please call our office to schedule an assessment if you haven’t recently.

Please understand that the reports we ask you to fill out are required by NYS Dept. of Education, and other funders. We cannot exist without your reports.

Below you will find our TUTOR SURVEY. We are trying to continuously improve our programs and offerings. We welcome your feedback!

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You are changing the lives of adults and their children in the most profound
and lasting way. For that, we cannot thank you enough.
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