Literacy Connections


Sponsor: North River Abstract Corp
Team: Bee Buddies
Spellers: Joan Quick & Barbara Mindel

Winning Word: Culgee


Sponsor: Dr. Joseph G. Dell
Team: RCK HS – Beeyond Beelief
Spellers: Gabby Watson & Meila Xiao


Name: The Sesquipedalians
Team: Dutchess Outreach
Spellers: Brian Riddell & Michele Riddell
Sponsor: TD Bank, N.A.

DEFINITION: sesquipedalian

[ses-kwi-pi-dey-lee-uh n, -deyl-yuh n]
adjective, Also, sesquipedal [ses-kwip-i-dl]
1.given to using long words.
2.(of a word) containing many syllables.

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